Characteristics of Brake Chamber


A brake chamber plays an integral role in the braking s […]

A brake chamber plays an integral role in the braking system of a vehicle. When it malfunctions or fails, it can cause significant loss of braking force. It is important to know the characteristics of brake chambers before servicing your vehicle. Some of the characteristics you should look for in a brake chamber include: its design, size, and material.

First of all, identify the type by measuring its diameter. This measurement will determine the type of brake chamber you have. There are two types of brake chamber: spring brakes and service chambers. Spring brakes have two kinds of clamp rings, one for the parking section and one for the service chamber. The diagram below provides the measurements and types of each chamber.

A new spring brake chamber should also have a new caging bolt. It is important to replace this part if it is damaged or worn. The spring brake chamber must have enough air pressure to avoid releasing the spring accidentally. When the brake spring is released, the parking brake will not operate properly. Hence, it is important to replace the caging bolt to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

The braking force in a clamp-type brake chamber is proportional to the air pressure that is injected. This brake chamber is used in almost all commercial vehicles. Nonetheless, some vehicles may use other types of brake chambers.

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