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The characteristic of the dynamic braking system is tha […]

The characteristic of the dynamic braking system is that the driver's body is only used as the control energy, not the braking energy. In the dynamic braking system, the energy used for braking is the air pressure energy generated by the air compressor, or the hydraulic energy generated by the oil pump, and the air compressor or the oil pump is driven by the car engine. There are three types of power braking systems: pneumatic braking system, air-top hydraulic braking system and full hydraulic power braking system. The energy supply device and transmission device of the air brake system are all pneumatic. The control device is mainly composed of air pressure control elements such as brake pedal mechanism and brake valve. Some cars also have hydraulic control transmission in series between the pedal mechanism and the brake valve. The energy supply device and control device of the air-top hydraulic brake system are the same as those of the air brake system, but its transmission device includes two parts, the air type and the hydraulic type. In the full hydraulic power braking system, except for the brake pedal mechanism, its energy supply, control and transmission devices are all hydraulic.
1. Air brake system
The air brake system is suitable for medium-sized and above, especially heavy-duty trucks and passenger cars.
1. There are three types of connection pipelines between the components of the pneumatic brake system: ① energy supply pipeline, between components of the energy supply device (such as air compressors, air storage tanks) and between the energy supply device and the control device ( Such as the connecting pipeline between the brake valve); ② the actuation pipeline, the connecting pipeline between the control device and the brake actuating device (such as the brake air chamber); ③ the control pipeline, one control device and the other Connecting lines between controls. If there is only one air pressure control device in the braking system, that is, only one brake valve, there is no control line.
2. Energy supply device
The energy supply device of the air brake system includes: ① the air compressor that generates the air pressure energy and the air storage cylinder that stores the air pressure energy; ② the pressure regulating valve and the safety valve to limit the air pressure within the safe range; ③ the improvement of the energy transmission medium (air ) state of the intake filter, exhaust filter, pipeline filter, oil-water separator, air dryer, antifreeze, etc.; ④ When one circuit fails, it is used to protect the other circuits, so that the air pressure in them can not be affected. Loss of multi-circuit pressure protection valve, etc.
1) Air compressor and pressure regulating valve
The air compressor is directly driven by the engine through a belt drive, and there are single-cylinder and double-cylinder types. The air compressor of Dongfeng EQ1090E is a single-cylinder air-cooled type.
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