Types of Truck Slack Adjusters


The air brake system on a truck uses slack adjusters to […]

The air brake system on a truck uses slack adjusters to maintain the optimum braking performance. These slack adjusters are a part of the complex array of moving parts that make up a truck’s air brake system.

They are used to control the braking of a truck’s wheels, which transform rotational energy into heat that slows the vehicle. Brake systems are essential in the process of controlling speed, which is why they need to be maintained properly.

These systems also help prevent accidents by preventing the over-wear of the brake components and restoring the original braking force. The slack adjuster compensates for this wear to provide a uniform brake feel and application over the long term.

40010305 Zhejiang Shaoxing Factory Brake System Orginal Bus Automatic Slack Adjuster

Several types of automatic slack adjusters are available. Most are clearance-sensing adjusters that keep the gap between the brake drum and lining constant.

However, some are stroke-sensing adjusters that maintain the brake pedal stroke despite increased brake wear due to rotational wear of the brake components.

Using these automatic slack adjusters to keep the brakes in constant adjustment is not only safer for the driver and truck but it also helps reduce the frequency of under-the-truck brake adjustments, which can lead to unnecessary maintenance costs. In addition, ASAs can significantly reduce the number of vehicle safety inspection citations that trucks get.

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