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Many friends modify the brakes to look better, to short […]

Many friends modify the brakes to look better, to shorten the braking distance, and to improve the so-called brake foot feel. Therefore, everyone changes the brakes, but remember not to modify the size of the brake calipers that do not match. 99% of friends change the size. Larger brake oil pumps, larger multi-piston brake calipers, and larger diameter brake discs are almost the status quo of the Chinese modification market. This will cause some problems. If you only increase the brake cylinder and brake caliper of each wheel, the larger cylinder will push more and more pistons on the brake pads, and the more brake fluid will be supplied in the required time. However, we do not replace the brake master cylinder. The oil supply of the master cylinder is designed according to the original sub-pump, which cannot supply enough oil to the new big sub-pump.

The basic principle of braking is to convert the energy of the wheel rotation into heat through the friction of the brake pad, and then the heat is dissipated into the air by the brake disc. As Meritor slack adjuster Factory long as the friction force and heat dissipation ability are strengthened, the braking ability will be improved. The modified product is designed for these two points, so that there is a more cost-effective method. If you want to significantly improve the braking performance, then increase the size of the disc. , At the same time, it is worth considering modifying the competitive brake pads.

Replacing high-performance brake pads is the most basic and cheapest way to upgrade your braking system. At present, most of the brake pads on the market advertise their effective working temperature is very high, but these figures do not really fully represent the performance. The working temperature is only an indicator of the braking performance. The upper limit of the operating temperature requirement is actually not high, and 600 °C is very sufficient. Ultimately, it is the amount of friction of the brake pads that determines the braking force.

The brake discs used for modification are basically divided into two categories: the original diameter brake discs and the enlarged diameter brake discs. The former is generally sold in the market, and the diameter and thickness are usually the same as the original ones, but they are generally designed with punching and scribing. Among them, the advantage of the perforated disc is that the heat dissipation efficiency is higher, but the surface is more prone to uneven wear. The scraping disc can effectively increase the friction between the brake pad and the brake disc, but the heat dissipation capacity is not as good as that of the perforated disc. The punching and scoring disc has the advantages of drilling and scraping discs at the same time, but it still has the characteristics of uneven wear to some extent.

Switch to a larger diameter brake disc, and the rim also needs to be replaced with a larger size to match. No matter how the brake disc is designed, even using the original brake calipers and brake pads, only using a larger diameter brake disc can improve the braking performance.

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