What parts are included in the support structure in camshaft repair kits


The support structure in Camshaft Repair Kits is a crit […]

The support structure in Camshaft Repair Kits is a critical component in ensuring the camshaft operates stably and withstands engine workload. These structures serve in the kit to support and protect the camshafts while helping to maintain accurate movement of the entire valve train.

Camshaft Cover:
The camshaft cover is a structure that covers the top of the camshaft. Its main function is to protect the camshaft from external contaminants and the environment. It is usually made of corrosion-resistant metal alloy or plastic and has sufficient strength and durability.

Support Brackets:
Brackets are components attached to the main structure of the engine that support the entire camshaft system. Brackets are typically located at each end of the camshaft and provide even support throughout the entire length of the camshaft.

Bearing Supports:
The bearing bracket is the structure used to mount the bearings on the camshaft. These brackets are usually designed to be strong and precisely machined to ensure that the bearings are positioned correctly and provide smooth rotational motion.

Branch axis connection points (Journal Junctions):
The branch shaft connection point is a key part of the support structure, connecting the main shaft and the branch shaft. The design of this connection point ensures that the camshaft remains balanced as it rotates, reducing vibration and wobble.

Baffle Plate:
The oil deflector is part of the support structure that prevents oil from spilling in the camshaft area. This helps maintain cleanliness throughout the engine system while ensuring proper functioning of the lubrication system.

Vibration Dampeners:
Some support structures may include vibration dampers to reduce vibrations caused by engine operation. This is crucial to reduce the vibration load of the camshaft system and improve the stability of the system.

Bolts and Nuts:
Bolts and nuts used to join support structures are typically high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials. They ensure that the support structure is securely fastened to the engine body.

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